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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a research based science focusing on behavior and how learning happens. It uses the principles of behavior (why we do what we do) to adjust the environment and improve socially significant behavior. It works with anyone and everyone because we ALL have behaviors. But, it has been specifically evaluated in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) population to help improve important skills like communication, self advocacy, and reducing challenging behaviors.

Will I receive parent/caregiver education?

Yes! Without the parent/caregiver, progress would be very limited. Insurances typically approve about one hour a week for parent/caregiver meetings, although the specific amount depends on each need and payor policies. Regardless, regular and consistent parent/caregiver meetings will be a large priority.

What are my expectations as a parent or caregiver?

Be involved! Ask the supervisors questions, utilize the parent/caregiver hours, and review data with the behavior technicians at the end of session. You being an active part of intervention will help your loved one more quickly and in the long run.

What is your new client procedure?

Contact us today to review payment options, details about your need, and availability. An assessment will then be scheduled to gather important information about you and your loved one for an initial treatment plan to be completed.

What does Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) look like?

ABA looks very different for everyone! For some, it looks like playing on the floor and practicing requesting. For some, it looks like going through the fridge, making a shopping list, and buying items at the grocery store. For others, it looks like tolerating other playing with your favorite type of toy, or practicing accepting "no" for an answer from a parent without engaging in aggression or self-injury. ABA targets the specific areas that every person needs practice in to live a meaningful, fulfilled life.

What if I have had a bad experience with ABA in the past?

Firstly, on behalf of those ABA providers, we're sorry. We understand that for some, ABA was a negative and traumatic experience. It SHOULDN'T be. High quality ABA that is implemented with compassion and driven by information and data should never cause trauma or suffering. ABA is a big commitment. It can be hard, and you might have bad days. But competent professionals who truly spend the time to get to know you and your family should be able to remediate these concerns and make you feel comfortable with intervention.

Can other therapies and service providers in my loved one's life be involved in ABA?

Usually this answer is yes. The more communication between all teams in a person's life, the easier it will be to implement long lasting change. Contact us with your specific situation and we can provide more information.

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