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Our Practice

At Dedicated Healthcare, we want to be the difference for you and your family. The team is made of providers who hold the following beliefs:Autism and related disabilities can be very difficult to experience and navigate. But some of the most amazing, talented, and unique people alive today and throughout history had a form of disability. We believe that without autism or related disabilities, the world would be a darker place. That being said, we treat each client with the dignity they deserve to express themselves safely and functionally in the world. Our responsibility is to help improve skills that matter. We know Applied Behavior Analysis intervention can be scary and overwhelming. It takes a lot of trust for you to invite us into your life. We promise to act with the following qualities every day and while making every decision.



This is a team of providers with one goal in mind: help you and your loved one live the best life possible.



We know that you are looking for services that require a big commitment and a lot of trust.



We use data, research, and science to guide our intervention. We will never impose treatments that are untested, unbacked, or unethical. 

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