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We understand that choosing the right ABA team can be overwhelming. Dedicated Healthcare is a team of licensed ABA providers who care about making the process less confusing. You and your loved one are not numbers on a spreadsheet to us, and we want you to feel like a part of the team. We are passionate about providing high quality services that maintain client dignity while providing a whole family approach to skill acquisition.We are here because we truly care above improving lives and making your world more meaningful.

Our Services

At Dedicated Healthcare, we strive to be the difference for you and your family. We want to see the whole picture. Every individual has specific and unique needs, and we will never try to make your child or loved one fit a predetermined program. Every Dedicated Healthcare client will receive an individualized set of goals guided by data and a person first approach.


Applied Behavior Analysis

"My child isn't a bunch of boxes to check or a number on an assessment."

Individualized 1:1 ABA therapy for your loved one that you can trust to target the specific areas of concern.


Teen and Adult Day Trips

We invite teens and adults to be a part of their community with monthly social events and activities. Try out new hobbies and make new social connections. Participants can be a part of the planning process to integrate their favorite events and activities as well.

Group Meeting

Group Parent/Caregiver Education

Between advocating for your child or loved one, learning how to communicate with them, navigating their struggles, keeping them safe, and getting them the best possible service, the parent/caregiver has a lot to manage.The team at Dedicated Healthcare uses research based and individualized education programs to meet the needs of the family as a unit.

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